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Dental Implants Specialist

John E Taylor, DDS

General Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in Ladera Ranch, CA

Even a single missing tooth can change your face shape and make you look older than you feel. Thanks to the latest advancements in modern dental technology, John E. Taylor, DDS, can completely restore the look and function of your smile at his office in Ladera Ranch, California. Along with his experienced team, Dr. Taylor uses dental implants to replace your tooth roots, providing a healthy, stable base for your new tooth or teeth. To schedule an appointment with John E. Taylor, DDS, call the office or book online today.

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that replace your tooth roots if you have missing teeth. By acting like a root, implants hold your replacement teeth securely in place. Dr. Taylor surgically places dental implants directly into your jawbone, so they allow your replacement teeth to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Tooth replacement options like bridges and dentures simply can’t compare to the look, fit, and durability of dental implants. Some of the most common benefits include:


While poor-fitting dentures can shift on your gums, making them look unnatural, dental implants stay firmly in place to keep your smile looking as natural as possible.


Dental implants feel exactly like your natural teeth and will never irritate your gums.


While bridges and dentures typically require replacement after 5-15 years, dental implants often last for 25 years or more.

Oral health

You don’t need any special tools or solutions to clean dental implants. You can brush and floss just as you normally would.

Because dental implants screw directly into your jawbone, you never have to take them out to eat. This means you won’t have the food restrictions you might have with dentures or a dental bridge.

Dental implants can also correct your speech patterns if poor-fitting dentures have made it difficult for you to speak.

What is the process like for dental implants?

It typically takes several months to plan and fit you for dental implants. Dr. Taylor uses high-end dental technology, including digital X-rays, CariVu™ intraoral cameras, and dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) to expertly place your implants.

Dental implants require a certain amount of healthy bone to place. If you don’t have enough, Dr. Taylor may recommend a bone graft prior to your implant surgery. 

At your next appointment, he places your implants under local anesthesia. As your mouth heals over the next 6-12 weeks, it gradually secures the implants in place, making them a stable part of your mouth.

The next step is taking impressions of your mouth to create a highly-accurate mold for your replacement teeth. 

When you return for your final visit, Dr. Taylor connects your replacement teeth to your dental implants, restoring the look, feel, and function of your teeth.

To learn more about dental implants, call John E. Taylor, DDS, or schedule an appointment online today.